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International Partnership - Sweden Gem Group

Sorbet Sapphire is thrilled to unveil its exciting new partnership with Sweden Gem Group. This collaboration marks a pivotal moment as Sorbet Sapphire joins forces with Sweden Gem Group, showcasing their dazzling array of natural, coloured sapphires. In order to service the growing demand, Sorbet Sapphire will become the exclusive North American distributor for Sweden Gem Group. 

Driven by a shared commitment to transparency from mine to market, this partnership is poised to ignite a spark of excitement among jewellery enthusiasts and industry insiders alike. By harnessing Sorbet Sapphire's reputation alongside Sweden Gem Group's expertise, this dynamic duo aims to set new standards and captivate hearts along the way.

Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery with Sorbet Sapphire and Sweden Gem Group – where every gem tells a story, and every moment is illuminated with unparalleled beauty.

Please note that pricing for designer-makers, retailers, and end-consumers will remain unchanged as a result of the partnership.

What makes each Sapphire so unique?

Quality: Australian sapphires are known for their high quality and exceptional clarity. They often exhibit vivid colours, including deep blues, vibrant greens, and striking yellows, making them highly desirable for jewellery.

Variety: Australia is home to a wide range of sapphire deposits, each producing stones with unique characteristics. From the iconic deep blue sapphires of New South Wales to the fancy-coloured sapphires found in Queensland, Australian sapphires offer a diverse selection for consumers.

Ethical Sourcing: Australia has stringent environmental and labor regulations, ensuring that sapphires are mined responsibly and sustainably. This ethical sourcing appeals to consumers who prioritize ethical and environmentally friendly practices in their purchases.

Reliability: Australian sapphire mining operations are known for their consistency in producing high-quality stones. This reliability makes Australian sapphires a trusted choice for jewellers and consumers alike.

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About Sweden Gem Group

Capricorn Gems specializes in mining, sourcing, and cutting of sapphires originating from the Central Queensland region of Australia. This extensive geographical area, following along the Tropic of Capricorn, contains some of the finest precious gemstones in the world. 

All of the Central Queensland sapphires offered to the market are ethically mined and responsibly sourced and can be traced to the producing mine. Capricorn Gems knows the locations and details concerning the source of the sapphires and the way in which each sapphire is extracted, cut and prepared for sale.

Similar to Sorbet Sapphire, Capricorn Gems only sells wholesale to legitimate jewellery retailers and designer-makers from anywhere around the world.


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