Sorbet Sapphire

The Sorbet Sapphire Difference.

There is little doubt that the interest in and appreciation for colored sapphires will continue to grow as knowledge and awareness of this truly unique gemstone increases. Through online and in-store education, Sorbet Sapphire™ hopes to inspire all of those who appreciate and find interest in treasuring their very own colored sapphire for its natural beauty and true rarity.

It is with this very philosophy in mind that Sorbet Sapphire™ has set out on its journey to inspire the individuality in all of us. It is time we treasured a gemstone that is truly unique and as rare as each one of us.

The 10% of Sapphires that are Unheated.

Dating as far back as the Roman Empire, sapphires have been purchased for its blue hue. What most do not know is that sapphires come in a spectrum of colors, not just blue. In fact, of all the sapphires available for purchase worldwide, only about 10% are naturally colored (untreated) whereas about 90% of all sapphires have been treated in some way (generally to enhance colour and clarity).

The most traditional and permanent form of treatment involves the heating of a sapphire. Sorbet Sapphire™ is proud to offer both untreated and heated sapphires.

natural sapphires
beauty and rarity in one

Beauty and Rarity in One.

Once individuals understand that the sapphire comes in a spectrum of colours, it becomes imperative that these same individuals be able to view this phenomenon for themselves.

However, the process of selecting the most beautiful and most desirable sapphires is not straightforward. Rather, most sapphires are not considered ‘commercial’ quality and lack the colour and clarity.

Sorbet Sapphire™ has handpicked each and every sapphire in its collection based on the following criteria: colour, clarity, cut, uniqueness, and overall beauty.

A Full Spectrum of Colours.

Just because sapphires come in a spectrum of colors does not mean that every shade of every color exists and is available for purchase.

What makes each sapphire from Sorbet Sapphire™ truly special is the fact that it has been handpicked for its natural beauty and true rarity. Considered to be a piece of art, no two colored sapphires offered by Sorbet Sapphire™ will ever be the exact same.

Whether it is the shade of color or the unique color-zoning in a sapphire, each of our sapphires tells its very own story.

full spectrum of colours
transparency and ethical practice

Transparency and Ethical Practices.

Sorbet Sapphire is able to procure the most unique and one-of-a-kind sapphires (and rubies) from a number of mining sources. These include sources that are either still producing new rough or are no longer producing rough at this time.

It is paramount that Sorbet Sapphire only work with mining companies and cutting houses that are well-established, respected and trusted within the sapphire industry. That is why Sorbet Sapphire is proud and fortunate to work almost exclusively with a handful of companies located in Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the United States of America. Each company is able to guarantee ethically-sourced sapphires that are exceptional in cut, colour and clarity which allows Sorbet Sapphire to procure the most spectacular sapphires each and every time.

Montana Sapphires

The storied history of the Montana Sapphires should certainly not be overlooked. First discovered in 1865, sapphires from the region of Montana, U.S.A., have long been associated with teal, blue, and green hues.

More recently, these colours have gained popularity which has in turn created a strong demand internationally. However, it must be noted that most Montana Sapphires are heated in order to produce its colour. Unheated sapphires from Montana are also available but most commonly exhibit softer, more pastel tones. 

We are proud to offer some of the most beautiful sapphires from the region including deposits from the Eldorado Bar and Rock Creek. Working closely with family-run U.S. based companies, we have access to an extensive collection of heated and unheated sapphires that are sure to delight.

montana sapphires
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